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The leader in digital celebrity advertising.

Convert consumer pop-culture fascination into sales.

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Celebrities use your brands in their everyday lives. Don't let that go to waste.

Spotted's targeting system uses a data-driven approach to leverage these authentic moments.

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“Consumers idolize celebrities, so when famous people are seen using a product or brand, audiences are prompted to buy that product, either subliminally or directly.” Forbes

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Effortless to execute. Easy to try.

Spotted provides end-to-end campaign execution.

Define Objectives

Set the key metrics to shape the campaign targeting and optimization strategy.

Campaign Execution

Comprehensive campaign management — from celebrity agreements to media optimization.

Track Results

Custom campaign analytics and reporting demonstrating Spotted's sales and performance impact.

“Spotted ads generate incredible ROI and high-quality customer traffic for New Balance.” Patrick Cassidy, Global Digital Director at New Balance

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Spotted is driving unprecedented ROI for leading global brands.

Celebrity-based advertising works. We work with some of the most innovative marketers in the world.

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